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Car Insurance Costs

Most states require that people purchase car insurance before they can register their vehicles and take them out on the roads. The first question that people often ask is, “How much does car insurance cost?” The national average car insurance payment is $1,698.10. However, there is also a more complicated answer to this question.

How much people pay for car insurance depends on several factors. Although the average payment is $1,698.10, some people are paying a higher rate and the rest of the population is paying a lower rate. What is the cause of these differences?

Separating the High Risks from the Low Risks

Drivers who are paying much more for their car insurance than the average are, most likely, high risk drivers. When people apply for a new auto insurance policy, they will need to answer many questions. These questions will tell the insurance company how likely the applicant will be to cause a collision or be the victim of another driver's accident. Those who are highly likely to cause or be involved in a crash are high risk clients.

What Makes Someone a High Risk Driver?

In the process of underwriting, car insurance companies learn specific things about their applicants. Those who offer information that show they are risky to insure may have the following on their driving records or in their backgrounds:

Once car insurance companies know that one or several of the factors described above apply to their applicants, they will need to charge these drivers higher rates. In the case of drivers with a DUI on their records, the rates can be twice the amount charged someone without a DUI.

Low Risk Means Low Rates

In contrast, an excellent driving record will entitle people to lower auto insurance rates. If these people are driving newer vehicles that have the latest safety technology installed, they will also receive lower rates. When people are in a demographic that is statistically known to be highly responsible, they are treated to the lower rates. For example, engineers are believed to be in a profession that is highly responsible, and they are also known to be the least likely to cause car collisions. Teachers are similar in that they are some of the least likely people to be the cause of a crash.

The price people pay for auto insurance can be very different for each person. One neighbor may pay much more for coverage than the average while another neighbor may be paying much less, but it will depend on the personal demographics of each applicant.

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