How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for a Porsche Cayman S?

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How much does porsche Car Insurance Cost

The average car insurance for a Porsche Cayman S Car Insurance costs around $1899 annually or around $158.25 monthly. Hold on though... Your car insurance needs are as unique as you are. The annual cost of Porsche Cayman S Car Insurance listed above is just the national average.The right car insurance for you depends on what kind of coverage you need, the premium and deductable that best fits your budget, and the location of the car insurance policy

Porsche Cayman S Insurance Classification
For Car Insurance classification purposes the Porsche Cayman S is classified as a 2 Door Coupe car with a 6 cyl. engine.

You can also save up to 30% on car insurance for a Porsche Cayman S by having the following features: a passive restraint system, Anti Theft devices, or for even having a standard antilock braking system.

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